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Top 15 Korean News Websites to Read in 2023

Benny Lewis, Founder Fluent in 3 Months, recommends that reading news is a crucial language tool for international students. You can stay updated with never – ending news resources around the clock.

To top it off, the news websites follow a standard of writing while avoiding grammatical errors and slang.

So it is an authentic reading resource. If you are looking forward to learning Korean within less time, then go through this list of the best Korean news websites.

1. Dong-a Ilbo

Dong-a Ilbo is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in South Korea. Since its founding in 1920, it has remained a pioneer at providing authentic news. It is owned by DongA Ilbo Co.

2. Kyunghyang Shinmun 

Kyunghyang Shinmun is an online website based in Seoul. It features articles from its daily newspaper owned by Kyunghyang Co. Founded in 1946, the newspaper is a widely read source for the public.

3. Hankyoreh 

Hankyoreh is a Korean daily broadsheet newspaper. It is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and their online website is frequently updated with the latest news.

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4. Chosun Ilbo 

Chosun Ilbo remains one of the most influential Korean daily newspapers in South Korea. Their online edition features the published news articles from the newspaper. They publish in English, Japanese and Chinese as well.

5. Hankook Ilbo

Hankook Ilbo is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1954. Since then, this Seoul – based newspaper has contributed to increasing mass awareness through their news. The online portal continues to do so as well.

6. Oh my News

For any sensational updates on Korean news, Oh my News is the first stop of thousands of people. They feature the latest stories on business, economy, politics, entertainment and more.

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7. Maeil Business Newspaper

The Maeil Business Newspaper is one of the pioneer daily business newspapers of South Korea. They publish their stories on the website also, and they publish their news under Maekyung Media Group.

8. Asia Business Daily

Based both online and offline, Asia Business Daily is a notable newspaper that focuses on economics. Their engaging content appeals to economists, businessmen and many other people to use their sources to know all about the economy regularly.

9. Yonhap News

Yonhap News is one of the exclusive South Korean news agencies. Their promising performance at providing breaking news to the world. It was founded in 1980.

10. YTN

YTN is a Korean news channel that broadcasts all over South Korea. On their website, you will find news 24/7. Since 1998, they have maintained their excellent record at featuring different news stories.

11. Munhwa Ilbo 

Munhwa Ilbo is a daily newspaper in South Korea which was founded in 1990. On their website, you will find Korean news as well as international news updates.

12. Sedaily

Sedaily is one of the widely read economic news in South Korea. Their website is rated top in terms of quality news and the latest updates on the economy and financial aspects of Korea and foreign countries.

13. Seoul Sinmun

Seoul Sinmun is an online news website. It is a newspaper published in Seoul, South Korea. On their official website, they cover stories about different aspects of South Korea. They even post travel and culture stories for curious readers.

14. My Daily

To read the fresh updates on any topic in South Korea, thousands of readers opt to read the online website of My Daily. It is a newspaper that provides quick access to the latest updates and events in South Korea and the world.

15. Kdpress

Kdpress is a well – recognized Korean online news portal. Their well researched articles along with referred sources and photos add great value to their quality news updates. For this, people rely on reading their news on websites about different topics in the country.

The listed Korean news websites update fresh content frequently. You can use this vital resource free of cost and be benefitted endlessly.

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