Language Learning Apps for Kids

13 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids (2024 Edition)

Did you know that learning a new language can increase problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills in children? Learning a new language can also improve your child’s memory and they can develop broader global perspectives. But after school it is hard to find credible and affordable language classes.

The best way to teach your child a new language within convenient ways and affordable options is through language learning apps. Children-friendly designs and interactive classes teach all four aspects of language learning skills. 

If you are looking for the best language learning apps for kids, then this is your best place to find your suitable choice with several options. 

1. Preply

Preply is one of the most interactive language apps for kids out there. Preply not only teaches English but also offers a dozen languages. Based on your budget, availability and other aspects, you can customize your curriculum plan that suits your needs. The personalized approach helps the parents trust the app. The lessons include vocabulary, concepts and different language topics that would interest the children to learn more. There are student reviews available and it is available free of charge on both android and iOS. 

2. Babbel

Babbel is a subscription-based service. Language learners can choose from among 13 different languages and two different programs: app-based self-study and live online language classes with native speakers. Babel recommends the app for kids ages 14 and up, as some content and exercises may contain phrases that are less appropriate for younger children. There are two different lesson styles: a self-study app that involves interactive games and activities that focus on conversational skills, and online lessons with a live native speaker coach.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is also a subscription based program that allows the students to learn a language from 24 different options. This educational app is easy to use and has been a great choice for learners for over 25 years. Both young adults and children like learning through the interactive program of the platform. Adults can also use it. Native speakers are available who act as a coach to improve speaking and comprehension skills. 

4.  LingoAce

For those children who are interested in learning Chinese Mandarin, LingoAce is a fantastic option. Used by millions of learners, this platform offers engaging and immersive language programs. It is not just an app, it also works as a platform to reach out language teachers, advisors, professional instructors and course consultants. There is also an option for tailor-made learning lessons to read and write Mandarin. Learners can also improve their problem-solving abilities through the interesting and gripping language exercises. 

5. FluentU

FluentU is an immersion based language learning app where the kids can learn a language through videos. It is subscription based and is suitable for teens and older kids. After choosing the target language, the learners can watch language videos and movies in the language. The app also highlights words and phrases to give clearer comprehension and context. Those kids who are addicted to movies or videos, they can use this app for educational purposes. 

6. DinoLingo

If your child is a dinosaur enthusiast, then DinoLingo will surely be the best language learning app for them. This subscription based service of DinoLingo can be accessed through smart TV, computers and other devices. The lessons are with amazing dinosaur illustrations and the animated parts of the app allows the children to immerse themselves while learning the language. 

7. Mondly

With over 41 different languages, Mondly offers children to learn different languages as well as choose to learn accents. Be it american or british English, the children can learn a new language through the gamified short lessons of the app. The special program available for younger kids enables more engaged learners. Grammar tables and vocabulary builders offer a structured approach to the learners. Different themes are available for the children to enjoy their leaning experience. 

8. Gus on the Go

Offering more than thirty languages, Gus on the Go is an incredible option for children to learn a new language. Suitable for primary aged students, this app offers vocabulary lessons and reviews on a vast range of topics including family, food, clothing, animals and more. Core lessons of the app are guided by native speakers so children can learn accurate pronunciation. The app is easy to navigate and does not include advertisements. 

9. Duolingo

When it comes to Duolingo, you do not need a lot of introduction. Known as one of the most popular free language learning apps out there, this app is popular among kids as well. Gamified and conversational approach of the app allows the children to enjoy learning. It offers several languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, Welsh and more. Elementary aged children are the best to start learning language using this app, and it is famous for teens and adults. The AI-driven learning experience is advantageous for kids to learn at their own pace. 

10. Study Cat

For a focused learning experience, Study Cat is a great choice for children to learn Spanish, French, Chinese, English and German. Fun English for Kids is one of the most popular courses which contains 191 lessons including 470 words and phrases. This language learning app offers offline learning so parents do not have to worry about ads or internet connection when allowing the children to learn a language. The active learning methodology allows children to become proficient. Free version is available but it is limited. For unlimited access to all content, it costs $59.99. 

11. Memrise

Memrise is a fantastic language learning app for children aged 12 and up. This app offers over 20 different languages including French, German, Italian and more. The animated animals and illustrations in the app facilitate an engaging teaching experience. Teenage learners especially enjoy the app because of its incredible photographic flashcards and also shows body language and gestures to remember better. The interactive lessons mimic real life situations. Many videos are available of native speakers to learn fluency, pronunciation and gestures. Besides the limited free version on iOS and Android, MemrisePro is offered on a subscription basis at $8.99 per month.

12. Mango Languages

With the options to choose from 70 languages, Mango Languages is an award-winning app-based system developed by linguists. Children aged six and above can use the app and because of its engaging content, it has been rated as one of the top language learning apps for homeschoolers. Focusing on auditory  and speech comprehension, this app offers the learners conversational exercises which teach pronunciation, grammar and culture of a language. The speech recognition used in the app makes it a well designed technology for young learners.

13. Droplets

Droplets is a language learning app for children aged eight and above. Game-based approach of the app immerses the children to learn language through different exercises including matching color illustrations to words. The simple pronunciations allow the children to mimic the words of a language. From ‘the basics’ category to 23 different categories including family, food and drinks, body parts and more, the children engage with the content and increase their language skills. It is free to download on iOS devices and offers a 5-day trial, then it charges $9.99 per month. 

With this article of the best language learning apps for kids, you can choose your best option based on design, accessibility and pricing. Make your kid have the best language learning experience! 

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