Lengalia Review

Lengalia Review (2024): Become Spanish Language Expert!

Looking for that one platform that can push you with e ffective learning skills to learn a new language? Honestly speaking, you will find tons of options on the internet.

But how do you know which is the one for you. Everyone’s learning techniques and styles are different and if you stumbled upon a platform like Lengalia and wondering if this is worth the try, this Lengalia review is here to help you.

The review covers all you need to know about Lengalia language learning app along with what it offers, if it’s worth it and more. Read ahead!

Languages to learn using Lengalia

Lengalia is basically a language learning platform for only Spanish. The platform offers a wide variety of audio content, lessons, videos, and Spanish learning levels to teach Spanish to learners. It offers Castilian Spanish, also known as European Spanish. You can learn Spanish dialects as well.

Learning language using Lengalia

Lengalia is an in-depth platform that is developed with different levels of a language to ensure that you can progress from a beginner to an advanced level learner. First, with a placement test, Lengalia will set up plans for you. The placement tests are developed based on the Spanish CEFR level.

There are different styles of courses available in Lengalia to enhance the user experience. If you are a complete beginner, your plans will be different from intermediate or business level language courses. A wide variety is offered, especially for Spanish, including medical Spanish and computer Spanish. Similarly, the levels and courses vary from language to language.

Depending on your learning level, the comprehensive resources vary. For advanced users, the contents are more exclusive with insights. The higher level materials are an immersive element to ensure the progress of the learner.

Get Started With Lengalia

To join Lengalia , you need to go to their website and open your account. One thing I can’t help but mention is that I found many stock photos on the homepage of the website which bothered me as it works as a distraction to users.

However, if you don’t find the photos unnecessary, it really is not a bother. Now, moving on to the design of Lengalia. The website is developed pretty well with clear directions of use and categories along with headers to navigate.

One thing they might work on is the option of interaction with native speakers. One of the primary skills is speaking skills, so an option to interact would help improve speaking skills.

Pricing in Lengalia

There are mainly two options available in Lengalia. One is the limited feature subscription plan that costs $32.74 per month. This plan does not include podcasts or videos, but the rest of the resources are available. The second subscription enables you to have access to all 24 courses along with videos and podcasts at $147.98 annually.

Positives of Lengalia

  • It is a reliable platform for beginner and advanced language learners
  • The website and app provides a wide range of tools including podcast, voice recorders and more
  • Thousands of hours of language content are available

Negatives of Lengalia

  • It lacks scope for conversational practice
  • Some practice tests are repetitive
  • The tutor feature is truly misleading
  • Some errors found in the materials

Final Thoughts

Using Lengalia kept me ambiguous for a while. When I started using it, I found it pretty decent with an average website development and loads of options for learning a language.

However, as I went along, the repetitive tests along with lack of communicative practice made my motivation vanish gradually. Even if the free placement test impressed me, it did get hard to continue further. However, the lesson structure and tons of resources add stars to Lengalia.

Lengalia offers you a chance to get a CEFR certificate. Nevertheless, I think there are plenty of other options for learning Spanish in a more practical way.

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