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Lingoda Review (2024): Read Before Paying!

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Lingoda is an excellent learning platform with great community and support.


If you are pondering what is the suitable way for you to learn a language, here we are with a review of Lingoda to help you.

Well, Lingoda is not exactly a language learning app, rather it is an online language learning service. They offer classes via Zoom to learn a language in a more personalized way.

To find out all about it, read the Lingoda review further:

Available language

Lingoda offers British English courses along with Business English. Other languages available are German, French and Spanish.

Easy to use Lingoda?

Once you create your account with Lingoda, you can choose your available time. There are tools for filtering weeks and certain times. Because of the time zone feature, you can easily fix your class timings.

The platform is simple and easy to navigate. With separate titles and descriptions, you can join the classes with links provided. While choosing your tutor, you can preview their bio to select according to your judgment.

You can use Lingoda from your desktop. You can even download their app using your Android or iOS. After you log in, remember to choose the appropriate level for your language learning.

Lingoda Review

Lingoda’s Teaching method

Lingoda is a learner-centric learning platform. The learner has to show up to the classes and practice to make improvements. After each class, the class tutor provides PDF and materials on a different topic. These are available before class and can be downloaded so you can review anytime.

Besides the lessons, the language learning materials are notes on topics, grammar exercises, activities, short reading passages and more. Not only are the materials developed for all kinds of students, the vocabulary lists and notes are helpful for personal improvement.

Testing is done for about 20 minutes before the class on the previous materials. Most of the students participate in the class and they are the ones with the better improvement in the committed language.

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Moving on to one of the pressing questions: What is the cost of using Lingoda?

Lingoda offers plans based on small group classes and one-to-one classes categories. Based on your targeted language and commitment level, you can choose whichever you find beneficial. In the case of group classes, maximum 5 students are allocated for each class.

The cost of it is about $9.50–$20 per 60-minute class. However, you need to pay every four weeks for your classes instead of paying per class. On their website, you will find detailed information about each of the plan packages.

For one-on-one class sessions, the starting rate is $132 per month for one 60-minute class per week. The rates are higher for German and Business English.

For small group classes, the starting rate is $56 per month for four classes and goes up to $380 per month for 40 classes. These rates are valid for English, Spanish and French.

Lingoda’s Pros 

  • Even if you need to pay every 4 weeks, it is one of the most affordable choices among other competitors.
  • The instructors are qualified and professional
  • Besides the classes, the language learning materials are well-developed
  • The placement test provided by the site is free and beneficial to measure one’s capability 
  • A great platform for one-on-one language and small group classes 

Lingoda’s Cons

  • Fewer languages available compared to other sources
  • The classes are only held via Zoom, no other source
  • There are no software based courses available

Last words

When it comes to learning a language, speaking and interacting are crucial skills to attain. Lingoda offers the excellent quality of an hour-long lesson to the learners.

The professional and enthusiastic language instructors are committed to ensure that the students can comprehend the teaching methods along with solid interactive lessons. However, if you prefer well-designed intensive courses, Lingoda might just not be for you.

Through this Lingoda review, you can determine if Lingoda is the right choice for your language learning journey.

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