Lingoda vs Baselang

Lingoda vs Baselang (2023): Read before You Pay!

Lingoda and Baselang are similar to online language schools where you can get a goal-oriented curriculum to learn a new language. With different options and tons of lesson plans, the platform surpasses the stereotypical language learning journey.

But based on price, user experience and other features, there are some differences between Lingoda and Baselang. If you want to know which one would be more suitable for you, read this guide on Lingoda vs Baselang

Available languages

Lingoda offers language learning lessons for 4 languages including French, German, English, and Spanish. Baselang is an excellent platform for learning only the Spanish language. 

Learning Method

Since 2013, Lingoda has started its journey and to this day, it can provide language learning for 80,000 students online. Through hiring certified language teachers, Lingado offers classroom-like group study format to the learners online. The lessons are high quality and the classes are interactive. The curriculum covers grammar, speaking and other difficult topics. 

Baselang’s website has 600,000 monthly visitors so you can imagine it is quite popular. Both platform’s specialties are their tutors who offer well-organized lessons to the learners. The lesson materials are made by professionals and there are a lot of topics in the lessons including pop culture, travel, medicine and more. You can enjoy interactive sessions with your tutors. 

User Experience

Lingoda has many impressive features. Starting from its option for customized curriculum to practice activities, Lingoda offers freedom and flexibility. The flexibility in scheduling allows users to make the most of their routines. The group classes offer traditional language school experience and the private ones are helpful for ensuring intensive learning. Lesson plans and curriculum is highly structured with loops for changes. Although some lessons can be repetitive, you can make the most of the platform. The interface is easy to use and glitches are hardly reported. Lingoda is available on Android, iPad, iPhone or Web.

Baselang is available on all like Lingoda except the iPad. Baselang is quite easy to use with its simple interface. You will get detailed instructions via emails once you register on the platform. You can embed your progress in the website and keep track of your activities and lessons. The platform requires a placement test to test your hold on Spanish by testing basic grammar questions. There are options to filter your teachers based on experience, timings and credentials. 


Lingoda’s pricing varies based on the type of classes. For group classes, it ranges from $10.00 to $20.00 per hour and for private lessons, it costs $20.00 to $42.50 per hour. You can select how many classes you will take each month and fix your ratings. Lingoda offers a 7-day free trial where you can attend 1 private lesson and 3 group classes. 

Baselang is comparatively more expensive than Lingoda. The pricing starts at $149. Based on your selection of classes per month and your plan, the plan varies. If you compare the starting range with Lingoda, Baselang costs $101 more every month. 


Lingoda’s Pros: 

  • Private lessons with small groups allows better language learning
  • All the teachers are 100% certified and experienced
  • The curriculum is well designed 
  • Flexible scheduling enhances the user experience

Baselang’s Pros: 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Structured lessons with options to twerk a bit
  • Lesson materials designed by language teachers and professionals 


Lingoda’s Cons:

  • Some of the lesson materials are repetitive 
  • Learners cannot understand the class materials alone
  • Depending on the students of the group, the quality of lessons changes 

Baselang’s Cons:

  • Comparatively expensive 
  • Only Spanish language lessons are available 


Lingoda and Baselang are both effective language schools. Despite their differences, both of the platforms did an excellent job at creating a different format of language learning across borders. Both offer structured lessons within the curriculum, but Baselang only offers Spanish language, whereas Lingoda offers lessons for 4 languages.

If you want to learn Spanish, then Baselang is  a better choice with its high quality lessons, but for rest, Lingoda is a more affordable and convenient option.

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