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LingoDeer Review (2024): Build Fluency in Any Language!

Language learning apps and websites use various teaching methods to enhance the learning experience for users.

To make the experience better, attractive design, a wide range of learning exercises and affordability are the main factors. LingoDeer is one such language learning platform that has gained attention for its continued work on providing better language learning.

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This article on LingoDeer review includes all you need to know about this platform and decide if you should go for it!

LingoDeer Languages

Available languages at LingoDeer are French, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and German There is a future probability of adding more languages.

Structure of Lingodeer

Lingodeer uses a comprehensive teaching approach for the learners. The lessons are divided into several interesting topics, like food, family, health, travel and more for the learners to find fascinating. The language programs start out by teaching the alphabet, then move on to more comprehensive sections.

The sessions stress on pronunciation, explanations, exceptional rules and other detailed language acquisition. As I progressed, I noticed that the advanced lessons are a bit heavy with more content, so as you progress, you should try giving more time to study the advanced sessions because it gets harder.

Although the order and content of the program varies from language to language, most of the content progresses in a similar pattern.

Usability of Lingodeer

Fortunately, you can use Lingodeer on your phone (android or iOS) and even on websites. The premium plan allows you to use the same account across all devices with sync so that you can use any device to progress.

Lingodeer enables you to listen to the speaking of native speakers of your target language. This is the best way to pick up an accent and improve your pronunciation. The HD native audio is available for all the languages available in Lingodeer. This feature engages more learners with high quality audio content. I personally liked the Native Audio feature.

If you need help or want to track your progress, you can use the β€œMe” tab to see it all. You will find access to the Help Center of Lingodeer which allows you to ask questions. It also directs you to customize your settings based on the character system, sound effects, reminders, downloads and more.

LingoDeer Pricing

For one language, the subscription price of Lingodeer is $12.99 per month, $32.99 for 3 months, or $76.99 per year. You can purchase the lifetime membership plan for $119.99. If you want a multilingual pass to access learn all the languages available, it costs between $6.66 and $13.99 per month.

Now, for the free trial. LingoDeer offers you an unlimited free trial for all the language courses. Starting from the primary lessons, learning the alphabet in the first units of the courses and even level tests are available in the trial. If you want to test LingoDeer to see if it’s worth it, then the trial is a must. LingoDeer also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee after your purchase of a subscription.

Benefits of LingoDeer

  • The Asian language courses are excellent with quality content and organized structure
  • Starts lessons from the basic alphabets
  • Provides clear explanations on different topics of the target language
  • Lessons are designed interestingly
  • Native spoken audio content are high quality

Limitations of LingoDeer

  • The levels of the languages are inconsistent
  • Despite audio content, they lack speaking practice exercise
  • Compared to contemporary apps, the courses are not complete (for few languages)

LingoDeer Review Final Thoughts

LingoDeer is commendable for its detailed explanations of grammar. For languages like Japanese and Chinese, this app is beneficial as it starts with teaching the alphabets effectively. However, you won’t find thorough content to improve your speaking skills. I enjoyed using LingoDeer and I think it has the potential to develop into a reliable and strong language learning platform.

If you want to learn Chinese or Japanese, then LingoDeer is one of the best options out there. But languages like French and Spanish are not developed at the same level as the others, so you might look for another option.

As LingoDeer offers free access to the first few lessons, I think you should definitely give it a try. I recommend LingoDeer as an impressive language learning resource.

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