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Lingolia Review (2022): Simple Way to Learn Language!

Do you find it easier to memorize vocabulary or learn grammar rules in order to learn a language? If you don’t know the answer then you might need to explore more options to understand which process works best for you.

Now, there are plenty of platforms that develop different approaches to make language learning effective? One example is Lingolia.

In Lingolia, the content is in depth varying to different levels so that you can learn well. But would it be worth experimenting with? To find out, read this article on Lingolia review.

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Language to learn Lingolia

Language content available in Lingolia are in English, German, French and Spanish. You can even switch between the page language and your target language.

How to learn with Lingolia

Unlike you might imagine, Lingolia is not a structured program for language learners. Instead, it is a reference site that helps you to understand spelling, vocabulary and grammar. You can use it as a tool to support you with required explanations and materials in your language studies.

For German and enjoy, additional sections on vocabulary are available along with reading and listening exercises. However, it is not applied to Spanish and French, but they might develop in the future.

After you learn a simple explanation of your selected topic, you will have an exercise to practice your comprehension of it. These exercises are effective for providing instant feedback and give you the opportunity to reflect on your mistakes and motivate you to correct them. However, there are no audio materials available to train your pronunciation.

Learner experience

The website is well-structured which is easy to navigate. It appears similar to a documentation site where you can find different grammatical topics down the side. I would compare the outlook of it to an online textbook where the topics and subtopics are organized. I found Lingolia’s contents quite comprehensive, which allows the learners to study extensively.

However, a major drawback is that there is a lack of audio accompanying the lessons. It is crucial for learners to improve their listening and speaking skills. Some audio components, which are basically listening exercises, can be found but are not accessible for paid users. Even so, compared to the rate, most of the contents of lessons are just a long wall of text.


First I will tell you the good part about Lingolia. You can access articles and information on more than 50 different grammar topics per language along with contents on vocabulary and reading comprehension for free. Yes, you do not need to log in. It is open to all for free.

Now, for the Lingolia Plus version, you can access more than 100 grammar exercises, and it is a totally free experience. There is also a built-in progress tracker. All this for $11.42 for 3 months.

Positives of Lingolia

  • The grammar explanations are detailed and comprehensible
  • Language contents have good quality, including for languages like Esperanto
  • Even if you do not pay for the paid version, you can find loads of free materials to continue yourself

Negatives of Lingolia

  • The paid version is overpriced, especially because it is not really a structured program
  • Audio content is very limited

Final say on Lingolia

Since you have already read the aspects of Lingolia, you might have already made up your mind whether it is the right platform for you or not. However, before going, I will give you my last take on Lingolia.

I recommend Lingolia as a great tool for grammar reference for major languages. However, it is overpriced when compared to other competitors. As it is similar to a textbook and not really a course program anyway, I think it is just not worth it for beginner learners.

As there are better alternatives when it comes to arranged lessons, I think unless you want to polish your advanced level language skills, you do not need to resort to Lingolia.

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