Lingopie vs FluentU

Lingopie vs FluentU (2023): Step by Step Comparison!

Both Lingopie and Fluentu are immersive language learning platforms. Lingopie is called the Netflix of language learning where you can watch shows, videos and podcasts in your target language. FluentU is a language learning software that has an enormous library of videos and you can learn a language in a gamified version. Along with videos in a variety of topics, there are contextual subtitles, flashcards and more. 

Both of the platforms are mainly video-based so which one to choose? Confused? Check out this guide of  Lingopie vs FluentU and determine which would be worth your money and time.

Available languages

Lingopie offer 6 languages, including German, Russian, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

FluentU offers 10 different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese and more. 

Learning Method

Lingopie offers a variety of videos and while entertaining, you can learn a language. Although there is no tutor available on the platform, Lingopie offers a lot of high quality videos to learn from. Immersing yourself in such native content will surely help you to improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Like Netflix, you need to login and select the content you want to watch like documentaries, reality shows or more, and then you can simply play and watch. 

FluentU uses an immersive approach where the students can use videos for learning vocabulary, listening, studying about structures and even hear the educational programs. The content is professional and avoids grammar mistakes so you can learn a lot of vocabulary like a native speaker. However, there are no structured lessons, so for beginners, it might not be the best source as a primary way of learning a language. But it could be a fantastic complimentary resource. 

User Experience

Lingopie is a revolutionary language learning platform which focuses on learning a language. It simplifies the process of learning through offering tons of videos. Following the binge-watching strategy, Lingopie offers a clean system. The interface is quite easy but it can be sloppy. 

The interface of FluentU is quite impressive. For intermediate learners, it is easy to navigate through tons of content. The videos are from authentic sources and the native speakers of the videos ensure a native pace. However, there is no proper structure to watch the videos. The gamified platform has an intuitive interface and the app is well-designed. But for beginners, it can be quite difficult to follow which videos to watch first.


It costs about $12.00 per month or $67.00 per year for a Lingopie subscription. You will get about a 55% discount, if you opt for the annual plan. The Family plan can be used by 4 users and costs  $99.00 per year. 

FluentU is certainly not cheap. Because of its popularity, the cost of the program increased over the years. The basic plan used to cost $15 a month, but currently it is now $29.99 a month. You can consider that it will rise more. 

Both of them offer a free trial for you to give some to make the decision before payment. FluentU offers a 14 day trial and Lingopie offers a 7-day free trial. 



  • Most of the features are easy to use
  • The flashcards allows the learners to memorize vocabulary
  • You can adjust the level of the videos you watch 


  • You can actively learn to speak like native speakers from the videos
  • Great option for boasting vocabulary 
  • Offers a wide range of videos in multiple topics 
  • SRS flashcards allows the learners to grasp the vocabulary and comprehension is polished from the fill-in-the-black exercises 



  • There is no mainstream shows available in the platform
  • Not the same amount of content for all languages, some have more and some less
  • The interface has its glitches and issues which hinder user’s experience
  • Subtitles are not completely accurate 


  • For beginners, it is not a great option 
  • No space for speaking practises in the platform
  • Does not offer an all-encompassing language course


Both Lingopie and FluentU follow the same footsteps of video content being the main medium of language learning. The immersive video-learning version with tons of content is becoming a popular aspect for learners. According to my comparison, FluentU has more content in the library than Lingopie and the latter has a quite sloppy interface as well. So, if it fits your budget, you could resort to using FluentU.

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