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Lingopie vs Yabla (2023): Head to Head Comparison!

Lingopie and Yabla are among few of those language learning platforms that have been the talk of the language learning community for a while. Lingopie, often referred to as the Netflix of language learning, is a fantastic tool with various features.

On the other hand, Yabla is a well-designed platform with vast video content from native speakers. You can imagine that the call to choose either of them can be quite challenging. To make your task easier, here is a complete guide of  Lingopie vs Yabla that is a must read. 

Available languages

Yabla offers a total of 6 languages to choose from. They are: Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, and English. With a single subscription, you will be able to access the materials of one language. 

Lingopie offers a wider choice for the learners. The languages offered are Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, and English. 

Learning Method

Lingopie approached language learning quite differently. Main feature of the platform is to show shows and offer flashcards to improve vocabulary. In languages like Spanish, there are podcasts available. You can scroll through different categories of popular shows, new releases and more. Whatever content engages you, you can click and watch to learn in your target language. The captions allow you to catch up and read to help you improve your learning. The flashcards are a great way to enhance vocabulary. 

Yabla has a model to ensure immersive learning experiences. The vast amount of videos from native speakers allows the learners to learn language as well as learn a lot of topics. Videos are fun and interactive so people can use this app as a useful learning tool. There is a Yabla dictionary available where you will find practice exercises. You can even watch videos multiple times without hindering your learning. Although, for the beginner learners, this platform can be challenging with its lack of course structure. 

User Experience

Lingopie offers a quick, simple and easy interface so that you can simply hop on to watch your content. You won’t face problems in using the app on your phone or tablet. Over the years, Lingopie adopted new and simpler ways to enhance the learning experience. However, the same amount of content is not available for all languages which hinders the effectiveness of different languages. 

Yabla’s features of clicking on words to see the definition, slowing speech and more offers an amazing user experience. Following the “immersion-style” learning, the app can be used in Android or iOS. Overall, in terms of interface, user experience and design, the app is wonderful to improve understanding and listening. 


A subscription plan of Lingopie costs $12.00 per month or $67.00 per year. You can share your account if you buy the family plan for $99 annually. Up to 4 people can use the same amount. A 7-day free trial is offered for new users.

Yabla offers several subscription plans. A one-month subscription costs $12.95. Annually, a one-year subscription costs $99.95. The subscription is only applicable to access content of only one language. The free trial offered by Yabla is of 15 days so there are quite some chances to test the app. 



  • Vast collection of entertaining shows 
  • Flashcards are automatically generated to teach vocabulary
  • Features are easy to use with simple interface
  • Features to adjust shows to your level 


  • Native speakers of the languages are shown on the videos so correct pronunciation can be learned 
  • Abundance of different types of videos to choose from
  • Practice exercises available after every video 



  • Lack of mainstream shows available
  • Not equal amount of content for all languages
  • Subtitles are not accurate fully 


  • Lacks features to practise speaking skills
  • There is no course structure available 
  • For beginners, it can be hard to learn using this platform without external materials 


Be it Lingopie or Yabla, the platforms are impressively designed to intrigue and teach a lot of students across the globe. In this guide of Lingopie vs Yabla, I have pointed out all the aspects that you need to consider when choosing between both of them. Lingopie offers the chance to expand your foreigh language vocabulary while you enjoy watching your favorite genre of movies or TV shows.

However, there is plenty of room for improvement. According to my recommendation, Yabla is a better option to learn a language, especially for intermediate and advanced learners. For complete beginners, Yabla boasts up their listening skills and provides better scope of improvements.

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