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LingQ Review (2024): Learn by Reading What You Want!

Looking for a review on LingQ? Before deciding if it’s the best language learning platform for you, consider its teaching methods, usability, pricing, and other factors.

Read this LingQ review article to find what you need to know!

Languages Offered by LingQ

LingQ offers a total of 14 languages. Some popular ones on the platform are French, Dutch, Italian, German, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, and Russian.

Beta programs are available for other languages such as Turkish, but it is advisable not to consider them until they are fully developed.

Usability of LingQ

With LingQ, you can explore content and choose which lessons you would like to complete. Once you sign up for a language course, you will start with the beginner material listed, then over time, you can move up to more advanced lessons.

I personally found the platform a bit hard to navigate through, but I came across some reviews that said they did not face much hindrance. There are quite a number of bugs they could fix to enhance users’ experience.

The interface is the problem for me, because the platform is quite edgy with bugs, hard to navigate through and some loud and clumsy visuals. Their developers need to work on it efficiently for the users to engage with the platform.

Learning process

LingQ is an online language-learning app, where you can design your own course. Consider it as a self-study technique where you navigate your own language learning journey without constraints I will add that it is definitely not recommended for beginner level learners.

LingQ is structured to expose you to a variety of materials to avoid redundancy or repetition of lessons. Avoiding repetitions in the platform is developed based on the no deductive learning method.


For a premium account, LinQ costs $10 per month for unlimited access. If you decide for the Premium Plus version, then it costs $39 per month. The only perk of choosing the Plus version is that there are options for attaining tutoring sessions.

Qualities of LingQ

  • You can design your own learning path
  • Offers online video call tutoring
  • Most of the lessons are short
  • You can skip or jumbo lessons without hindrance

Lackings of LingQ

  • As you are the one designing, there is no structured lesson plan
  • The interface is a big problem as it seems cluttered and distracting
  • No guarantee of the tutoring sessions or proficiency of the instructors
  • Not a good choice for beginners

Should you go for LingQ?

After my experimenting with LingQ, and long exploration, I found a lot to like about the platform. However, the disliked factors outweigh the good features. Despite having an impressive amount of content and learning materials, it is not adequate to ensure improvement or learning.

For beginners, it is a big NO. But if you are an intermediate or advanced level learner, you can try it out, but do it cautiously.

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