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Lingvist Review (2024): Smart Way to Learn Language!

For years, linguists have researched different techniques to make learning a language easier and more sustainable.

Numerous platforms have been introduced, each employing various techniques to adapt and thrive. One of the popular ones is spaced repetition and flashcards.

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A popular example of this technique is Lingvist. Want more? Read this article on Lingvist review to know if this is the one.

Languages Available on Lingvist:

There are a range of languages available on the platform. The most popular languages on the platform are English, German, Spanish (Spain, Latin America), Estonian, French, and Russian.

Lingvist learning process

The main focus of Lingvist is vocabulary. You can learn vocabulary in context so that you can use it in your daily life. The platform uses artificial intelligence to create a custom program for each learner so that they can learn in a practical manner. Lingvist claims that this method ensures learners to learn 10x faster than other traditional methods.

Getting Started with Lingvist

To set up an account on Lingvist , you simply need to sign up and choose your target language. Lingvist will start with a placement test which places you at the right level. After the extensive test, you can start the contents from your level.

I liked how the app is straightforward. There are no cliché games or catchy graphics, rather it is developed with a simple design. There are no rigid lessons to provide you with some relief from the overbearing notifications. The app encourages you to learn 50 words 3x a week.

This improves your vocabulary drastically. For beginners, this helps greatly to form sentences. For advanced learners, there are tons of content available for the users to keep on learning.

Lingvist Price

Lingvist provides 3 different subscription plans to choose from. A monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month. A yearly subscription costs $79.99. The third plan costs $119.99 per year, and you can connect up to 6 accounts.

Lingvist also offers a 14-day free trial for you to test out all the features on the app. However, in order to access the trial, you have to enter your credit card information.


  • High quality content of flashcard decks
  • Loads of word exercise
  • The practice exercises are fast and easy
  • It is a great platform for on-the-go learners


  • Very few features available
  • Most of the exercises are repetitive

Final Thoughts

To cut to the chase, I will admit I am quite impressed with how effective it is to use Lingvist. I found myself enjoying doing the exercise, and the repetition does help if you tend to remember. I would recommend you to use it as a great resource.

However, it lacks grammatical practice and rewarding points, which can be problematic factors for some people. Nevertheless, I would say it is worth the shot.

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