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Live Lingua Review (2024): Learn from Certified Native Speakers!

Live Lingua is an online platform that connects language learners with native teachers. In order to build or improve speaking and conversation skills, this platform is a great one.

But will you know if this platform is going to push you to improve your language skills?

Read this Live Lingua Review

I am here with the article on Live Lingua review, so you can decide for yourself swiftly.

Languages to learn with Live Lingua:

Live Lingua is working on adding several languages. The available ones are Korean, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and German.

Effectivity of Live Lingua

Live Lingua is an effective way to learn a language. The platform aims to help learners develop conversational skills. It is most beneficial for intermediate and advanced learners. They can engage in communication and the classes will help them practice plenty.

However, I think this platform is just not for beginners. The lessons do include useful phrases and so on, but it is not organized for a beginner level learner. It lacks properly explained lessons.

Getting Started with Live Lingua

Firstly, you need to sign up for Live Lingua. Until you buy classes, you will not be required to use any credit card. Live Lingua offers a free trial class, which you can access easily after signing up. Live Lingua assigns you a teacher for the trail class.

Once you subscribe, you can choose your teacher. To choose, you can search the profile section. Live Lingua selects qualified teachers, so you can try accordingly.

Live Lingua Price

For Live Lingua, you need to pay for classes by the hour, and you can pay less per class when you buy multiple classes at once. The price varies depending on the language. The least expensive language is Spanish, with a price of $20.00 per hour. The English class costs $24.00 per hour.

Similarly, the rate varies from language to language. You can start with their free, 30-minute trial class for all new users to experiment.

Positives of Live Lingua

  • They regulate highly qualified teachers
  • It is a great source to practice conversation with a native speaker
  • A structured lesson plan to follow for guidance

Negatives of Live Lingua

  • It is yet to include more features to engage the learners
  • Less number of teachers available presently
  • It is comparatively more expensive than competitors

Final Thoughts

Live Lingua is like a “boutique” language school where you will get great quality content but way too expensive. There are not many options for you for choosing teachers or lessons. Although the teachers are higher quality, you should know that primarily they teach conversational skills, not grammar or vocabulary.

I think, if you particularly need to improve your communication skills in a language, you can opt for this. If not, I do not see anything exceptional to pay such a high rate.

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