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LiveXP Review (2024): Learn from Your Favorite Language Tutor!

In order to save you from surfing through tons of articles, I am here with the on-point review on LiveXP. You do not have to try it out yourself to check whether you would like to learn a language on this platform or not.

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Offered languages at LiveXP

Currently, more than 35 different languages are available at LiveXP. In addition to popular languages like English, German, French, and Arabic, there are also less common languages available, like Kurdish, Slovak, and Greek. One option that I liked a lot is that they have an option for learning sign language as well.

Learning at LiveXP

LiveXP aims to teach ESL to students across borders. The teachers who tutors belong to a globalized community where you can get tutored for learning a language from experienced or qualified teachers across the globe. You can filter the country of origin of the tutor to ensure that you and the teacher can keep pace.

There are tons of lessons available, but you need to be cautious when choosing yours. As too many choices can also cause you to choose the wrong tutor or lesson program.


If you get impressed with simplicity, then LiveXP is going to fit for you. It is developed well with its on-point design and the visuals are engaging. When choosing your tutor, teacher, you can see their photo, years of experience, number of students under them and other details without clicking on their profile separately. I think it saves quite a hassle.

However, I have researched and found that, due to the lower pay of tutors at LiveXP, it is at risk of losing the reputation, that has made so far.

The interface is standardized so you can navigate easily. Although the black theme is not something I like, the images add to the engaging tone of the platform.


Among all the language platforms I have researched and experimented with so far, LiveXP has one of the most complex pricing structures. Based on language, tutor origin, time, and other factors, the pricing differs.

Similar to platforms like Skillshare, you need to buy lesson plans. It ranges from $5 as the trial class, and the lessons take longer and, based on the hourly pay rate set by the tutor, you need to pay accordingly.


  • Provides flexibility to choose timings
  • One- to – one tutoring session ensures progress in the target language
  • Once you create your account, you can log in through any device and learn anywhere
  • A large variety of languages are available to choose from


  • No guarantee for high quality teachers
  • The quality of courses differs from language to language
  • Price structure is confusing

Final verdict

LiveXP is still in high competition, so I will admit that it did quite a decent job at putting up the platform for students. I liked the variations it offered for its languages, tutors and more. For me, I would recommend you to go ahead with trying LiveXP based on your budget.

You can see the teacher’s set rate and choose yourself. I think as a beginner or above level, it can be worth the risk of experimenting. Despite its plenty of room for improvement, I think LiveXP will develop greatly.

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