Mango Languages Review (2022): Explore Over 70 Languages!

Language acquisition is a task that requires discipline and heightened motivation. But it might be hard to come across “the one” you are looking for. If you went through a few options, one to consider might be Mango Languages, which is an award-winning, language-learning platform. Their main goal is to help learners develop conversational skills.

Now how would you know if this is the right language learning platform for you or not? Simple, you read this complete article on Mango Languages review to know it all.

Languages available

Mango offers more than 70 languages, including English. You can imagine the various language choices available to users around the world. One of the impressive aspects of Mango is that it offers a range of dialects.

For Arabic, you have dialects of Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine and Modern Standard. Besides the conventional ones, some others are Serbian, Swahili, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swedish, Thai, Tamil, Telugu, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, and Yiddish.

User experience With Mango Languages

You can use Mango Languages as a web app, as well as an app for Android or iOS mobile users. Firstly, you need to create your account and log to start your progress. Your progress gets updated no matter which devices you switch to.

You can decide where you want to start with a selected language. Mango does not constrict users not to move to an advanced level until done with the primary ones. It is up to you. Personally, I found the interface quite interactive. With sleek looks and screen visuals, it does get good ratings.

However, that is the bare minimum when it comes to using the platform for prolonged use. With a lack of variety in exercises, it might be tedious to carry on.

Learning experience with Mango languages

Mango allows you to choose topics for your lessons. Overall, I found the program structure clear, which is divided by units, chapters, lessons and so on. You can learn vocabulary or engage in different topics like utilities, travel, and so on for your learning. There are separate lists of both Conversation Goals and Grammar Goals to choose from according to your level. For each lesson, you will do up to 50 exercises.

Even though I will give Mango credit for its variety, material wise, it is tedious. With no variety in testing exercises like quiz, multiple choice questions or other options, it might be hard to continue. Mango does not have a standard writing system, which can cause difficulty in learning characters containing languages like Mandarin, Japanese and more.

Pricing and Plans with Mango Languages

You can access Mango using your local library for free(if your library offers it) for the Mango membership plan, it costs $7.99 per month for one language or $17.99 per month for accessing all the languages available. Compared to other language apps that charge $10-$12 per month, Mango offers a reasonable price. Mango also offers plans for institutions like schools and the pricing varies.

Benefits of Mango

  • In the selected languages, interesting movie features are available
  • It offers a large variety of over 70 languages
  • It is comparatively less expensive than competitors
  • Access is free when used through libraries and different institutions

Lackings of Mango

  • It does not teach foreign scripts
  • There is no scoring system for the lessons
  • Mostly boring and monotonous instructions
  • My final words on Mango languages

My final say

I have included the main points you need to know when deciding to choose Mango Languages. Now, I will cut to the chase and let you know my verdict after experimenting and reviewing it myself. Even if Mango is doing quite well at developing a great language learning platform, it has a few drawbacks which stop me from checking the tick on my review list.

So I will not recommend it for learning a new language because it is just not compelling enough. Rather, if you already do know the language, and you want to polish or learn more, then you can choose it for self-practice.

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