Memrise Review

Memrise Review (2024): Worth Your Money?

If you happen to watch some vlogs of different polyglots, you might have come across Memrise. This language learning app is a highly recommended source to thrive on learning a new language.

However, you might be wondering whether to take their work for it or not. So, I am here with a review of Memrise and, as I tried it myself, you might be able to resonate with it and judge yourself if you try it.

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Languages available for you to learn

In Memrise, you can find many popular foreign languages, like Arabic and Chinese. Memrise offers a total of 23 Memrise which has courses arranged for beginners and higher levels of language acquisition.

Some available languages are Bahasa, Dutch, English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Finnish, Japanese, Turkish, Vietnamese and Nordic languages. You will also find dialects in Spanish and Mexican so that you can learn to talk like a native speaker.

Learning Experience

Memrise contains curated language programs developed by official staff. You will find tons of content in the available languages, and you can also connect to the community members of Memrise worldwide. The topics of the exercises vary based on the level of the learner.

Starting from basic vocabulary to conversational texts, Memrise has user-created content designed for different levels of language learners.

Linguists and professional teachers around the world work passionately to drive the platform and its courses. You can use the “Search” function to excess specific content from the loads of language learning content.

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How Memrise Works!

You can log in using your Google or Facebook account and proceed to select your targeted language and start the courses right away. One of the key factors I will compliment Memrise is their intuitive and well-developed interface of the website and app.

You can navigate through the lessons and tasks easily and, within a few minutes of clicking around, you can get the hang of it. But, if you do have questions, you can click for assistance or check the FAQ section, which mostly informs you of your queries.


You can use the app free of charge just by downloading. You can choose your targeted language and access the content from the beginning to the end of the program.

However, there is a Pro version of Memrise which charges $9 per month and $59 annually. Advantages of the pro version? You can converse with chatbots, see statistics of your learning progress, have video chats with native speakers and feature adaptive technology. Thus, it is quite an attractive deal to purchase the paid version.

Memrise also offers a lifetime membership for $129.99. Another notable feature is that the paid version offers an offline mode on the app, so you can study anywhere.

Memrise Benefits

  • It is one of the best platforms for beginner level language learners because of the well-designed programs.
  • Flashcard learning is an intense and impressive technique available for learners.
  • There are tons of customization options through the settings available for the users.
  • High quality of content is available.

Drawbacks of Memrise

  • There are repetitive exercises which might be annoying for learners.
  • The quality of content is not maintained for all languages as it is user-generated content.
  • Navigating through the website can be fussy
  • For advanced level learners, it does not add much value to learning.

Final Words

Memrise is indeed a worthwhile language learning app if you can make the best of it. For beginners, it is an amazing resource with an impressive amount of content. Without paying, you can learn a language from first to last and if you intend to pay for the Pro version, that is also a winning deal. However, the inconsistent quality of the content is what pulls Memrise back from its competitive apps.

In all, for me, Memrise is an incredible language learning platform to get started with a language and stick around to improve from beginner level to advanced.

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