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Mondly Review (2024): Learn New Language with AR and VR Experience!

In the language learning community, Mondly has a lot of buzz surrounding it lately. You might have come when it won a few awards and thus gained popularity. It is a language learning app that combines games and translations as language learning lessons.

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It also has chat-bots and extraordinary reality features. But would it be worth giving it a shot? Find out with this article on Mondly review if the hype is worth it or not.

Mondly’s Languages

Mondly offers a total of 40 languages to learn. In addition to English, there are other unique languages available such as Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Persian, Polish, and Slovak. You will find conventional ones like Chinese, French and more as well.

You can set your instructional lanaguge as English if you are an English native speaker and start learning a new language.

How to start with Mondly

You can either visit their web page or install the mobile app. Then you can select a language and immediately start with the exercise. You do not have to create an account or provide your credit card number. It is simple. But if you want to track your progress, then you can install the app and open an account for yourself.

After you choose the language, you can select the level by yourself and study. Unlike some apps like Duolingo, there is no placement test. When using the mobile app version, the iOS has certain problems for some users, like slow audio.

Learning Experience with Mondly

At Mondly, you will have tons of exercises for listening, reading, writing and speaking. The voice recognition tool is available for you to speak and check. However, the functionality of it is not good enough. Some assessments are inaccurate.

Mondly includes content when it comes to writing and reading materials. You can practice and track the progress as you like. Even though there are speaking and listening practices, the pronunciation recognition is lacking.

Mondly Pricing

Mondly offers a free plan to users with very limited options. It is similar to a trial where the content is not good enough. But their subscription has tons of features available with more content for $9.99 per month or $47.99 for one year for one language. If you pay annually, you can get discounts at Mondly. Or else, the monthly plan seems more expensive than other competitor apps.


  • It is inexpensive for a single language
  • It is a great medium, like a companion study app


  • There is not much difference in levels of proficiency
  • It does not include grammar lessons
  • The speech recognition feature is not developed fully

Bottom Line

Reviewing Mondly did not take much time. It is because it is not an in-depth platform for language learning. Sure, it is engaging enough, but why it won awards is not clear to me.

I would recommend Mondly only if you have already learned or are learning a language as a program and use it to reinforce basic words and concepts. So then, I would not recommend it as the sole platform for your language learning.

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