Months of the Year in Chinese

Spell and Pronounce Months of the Year in Chinese

Did you know that the lunar cycles are followed by the Chinese calendar? Notably, the Western calendar is based on the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, the Chinese lunar calendar is based on lunar phases. So, when the moon is full, it begins. The other unique fact is, every year is associated with a different Zodiac sign.

Because the Chinese Zodiac is based on the Lunar calendar, the month associated with each animal may vary considerably from year to year. There is also a year-by-year component. Every year, there are five components that rotate around. Wood, flame, ground, metals, and water are the elements.

Below is a list of the months of the year in Chinese, along with their pronunciation and origins:

Months in ChinesePronunciationIn English
一月yii yueeJanuary
二月eeir yueyFebruary
三月shann yueeiMarch
四月shi yueeiApril
五月wvuu yueeiMay
六月liuh yueeiJune
七月qui yueeJuly
八月bah yueeiAugust
九月jiuh yueeiSeptember
十月shii yueeiOctober
十一月shiie yiiNovember
十二月sheeir yueeiDecember

Fun facts about Chinese months:

  1. January month resembles “Rat” and people believe that those who are born in January are “clever and adaptable” like rats.
  2. February month symbolizes “OX” or cow as strong
  3. March is also called the Peach Month in Chinese since peach trees bloom during that month
  4. Chinese people believe that those who are born in April are majestic and demanding
  5. The zodiac sign of May is Rabbit for sensitivity and charming
  6. June resembles original Chinese name id “Si” which represents “Snake”
  7. July month resembles “Ram (Goat or Sheep)” and people believe that those who are born in July are “Gentle and balanced” like sheep
  8. August resembles original Chinese name is “Shen” which represents “Monkeys”
  9. Zodiac sign of September month is Rooster for Proud and talkative
  10. October represents original Chinese name id “Xu” which represents “Dog”
  11. In ancient Chinese culture they believe November is the name of purity and honesty
  12. The zodiac animal sign of December month is “Pig” which dignifies Honest and diplomatic

In conclusion, many of Ancient China’s Chinese dynasties contributed to the emergence of the Chinese calendar. Because of them, today people are able to detect the months and days of Chinese. It is our utmost respect and gratitude to the Ancient ancestors.

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