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Spell and Pronounce Months of the Year in Hindi

Months are an essential unit of time measurement. Days, weeks, months, and years are commonly used in a calendar to organize days by giving each period a name. Hindi Calendar, also known as the Hindu Calendar, Panchang, or Panjika, is one of many distinct types of calendars utilized by different people across the world.

This Panchang is a collection of lunisolar calendars that have been in use for millennia throughout India and Southeast Asia. The Hindi calendar and the English calendar (the Gregorian calendar) are drastically different.

This is a multi–dimensional calendar, meaning it takes into account lunar days, solar days, lunar months, and solar months, as well as the positions of the Sun and Moon in relation to the settlement formation. In a year, there are 12 lunar months and 12 solar months.

However, this post is focused on teaching months of the year in Hindi but from the regular English calendar.

Months in HindiPronunciationIn English

Finally, we can see that the Hindi calendar is quite different from the English calendar. Their new year begins in the month of April and ends in February. They follow their own lunar calendar as their stars and moons are followed by their guardians.

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