Months of the Year in Indonesian

Spell and Pronounce Months of the Year in Indonesian

The Gregorian calendar is the official calendar of the Republic of Indonesia and civil society, although Muslims and the Indonesian government utilize the Islamic calendar for worship services and determining pertinent Islamic festivals.

One of two calendars used on the Indonesian island of Bali is the Balinese saka calendar. It is based on the phases of the Moon, unlike the 210-day pawukon calendar, and is roughly the same length as the tropical year.

There are six seasons in Indonesia. They are spring musim semi, summer musim panas, fall musim gugur, winter musim dingin, rainy musim hujan, dry musim kemarau.

Here is a list of the months of the year in Indonesian:

Months in IndonesianIn English

In conclusion, the saka year is divided into twelve months, or sasih, each of which has 30 days. The calendar is modified to avoid losing synchronization with the lunar or solar cycles since the lunar cycle is somewhat shorter than 30 days and the lunar year is 354 or 355 days long.

Every 9 weeks, the months are modified by allocating two lunar days to one solar day.

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