Mosalingua Review

Mosalingua Review (2024): Really the Fastest Way to Learn Language?

Are you a fan of using flashcards for learning? If yes, then a popular option is MosaLingua. It is primarily one of the best flashcard language platforms.

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For the app version, you can set your goal and increase your vocabulary with the flashcard app. For the web version, there are plenty more features available. Want a full article on MosaLingua review? Let’s get started.

What Languages to learn using MosaLingua?

MosaLingua offers 8 popular languages like English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

Learning through MosaLingua App

MosaLingua does not have a rigid course structure, rather it focuses on ensuring your improvement through using the learning tools of the platform. It uses self-directed language learning resources to teach language to learners, and you can do it yourself with motivation.

The platform provides flexibility and has tons of quality content to make you a language pro. Now, there are exercises on the platform to ensure progress. You will take tests where you will need to translate random words.

First, you will see the word in your default language, then you need to translate it in your target language. Similarly, there are exercises to fill in the blanks based on the resources.

Using MosaLingua Account

You can easily set up the MosaLingua account by signing up and choosing your native language for daily use and your target language.

Then, go to the homepage, and you will see the lists of everything available on the platform. You can customize your experience by choosing your learning level and selecting whether you want easy or difficult content.

After that, the app will direct you to resources to learn, and you can take tests to ensure progress. There is a placement test as well, in case you do not know your level. Later, you can explore the more resources available on the platform.


MosaLingua costs $4.99 for each language. You can learn to use the app or purchase the MosaLingua Medical English app that costs $8.99. If you want to use the MosaLingua Web, you can access all the language content available in the apps for $4.99 per month or $59.90 annually.

The Web version is better as it has tons of additional features compared to the pricing and features of the apps.

MosaLingua’s Pros

  • The flashcards have great content and contain different scenarios for advanced learning
  • You can learn sentences based on real world context
  • Engaging with their unlockable fun bonus material
  • The customer service is impressive
  • No overbearing emphasis on grammar

MosaLingua’s Cons

  • Learners might find it overbearing to stick to the SRS schedule as Mosalingua calculates for them
  • Not all native speaking recordings are of the same standard quality

My say on MosaLingua

Unlike what I expected, I really liked MosaLingua. The content quality is excellent with no flashy animations or low quality flashcard content. The website did seem a bit overwhelming to me, but once I started out, it was not hard to navigate. However, I do hope they develop a better site to ensure a better user experience.

Now, in the case of language learning, if you need a proper structured course to learn your target language, then I would not recommend MosaLingua. This platform is suitable for those who like self-directed learning and MosaLingua is packed with tons of good – quality resources. With its vast amount of resources, it is definitely reasonably priced.

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