Norwegian Tongue Twisters

10 Norwegian Tongue Twisters for Regular Practice

Word pronunciation has been found to improve when tongue twisters are used. Tongue twisters from Norwegian also assist to lengthen and enhance the range of motion in your mouth.

Tongue Twisters can assist you in determining which words and sounds you have trouble pronouncing. Tongue twisters are an excellent method to practice speaking.

Here is the list of the top Norwegian tongue twisters to try out:

1. Du ska ikkje kalle Kalle for Kalle, selv om moren til Kalle kallar Kalle for Kalle, ska’kje du kalle Kalle for Kalle, for Kalle hetar egentlig Karl.

2. Russiske ripsbusker og andre russiske ripsbuskvekster.

3. Gnage kuknoker.

4. Voksen bokser vasker bukser.

5. Hardanger sunnhordlandske dampskipsselskap

6. Rabarbrablad

7. Stekt torsk, kokt torsk.

8. Hajjn hunn i bajjn

9. Takpapp, veggpapp, papp og papir.

10. Laksefisker, torskefisker

Finally, tongue twisters are a great party trick to use while meeting new people. It’s a fantastic method to work on your pronunciation. You must concentrate on the individual sounds when reading a tongue twister.

I recommend starting slowly and gradually increasing the speed. Shorter ones should be repeated a number of times.

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