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Optilingo Review (2024): Worth Your Time and Money?

As you search for language learning platforms, you will stumble upon tons of platforms promising you guaranteed language learning courses. But it all depends on how you learn a language.

Among the different learning styles developed by apps, Optilingo offers you to improve your language skills through listening to content from native speakers and repeating them.

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These repeating exercises will improve your speaking and listening skills, and you can communicate using the language.

But how would you know if Optilingo’s ‘passive learning’ model is the right one for you? Well, read this article on Optilingo review and find out for yourself.

Languages Can You Learn on Optilingo

Optilingo provides an extensive selection of 20 different languages. With the common ones like English, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, French and more, you will also find rare languages like Circassian and Icelandic.

Learning through using Optilingo

Optilingo is a language learning ecosystem that focuses on auditory learning as its primary content for teaching learners a new language. The audio contains content to teach you grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills. There are podcasts available on the platform as well.

After choosing your target language, you can go through about 30 hours of course content that will enhance your language learning. You can listen and repeat while listening to the audio and in no time, you can speak like a native speaker by mimicking and practicing.

User experience with Optilingo

Starting from the Optilingo app, I found it quite basic and simple. The audio player keeps the tracks of the lessons you have completed and there is a separate section for tracking how many words you have learned based on the completed lessons.

When I mentioned the app is basic, it means that there is not much visual engaging content which allows you to stay focused. You can just do your lessons immediately when you open the app without any distractions or unnecessary steps.

Optilingo’s Pricing

Optilingo offers a free trial of 7 days for you to check out and make sense of using it by yourself. Just by downloading the app and getting started with the lessons, you can play around the platform.

Now for the pricing. After your trial gets expired, you can purchase a subscription for the Premium version that costs $11.99 per month. You can access all the lessons. If you want to opt for their three-month and six-month packages, the prices are $7.99 and $6.99, respectively.

Positives of Optilingo

  • An engaging and straightforward interface
  • Options to change the speed of audio are available
  • The platform does a great job at focusing on speaking the target language
  • The pricing for multiple languages is quite reasonable

Lackings of Optilingo

  • Minimal emphasis on reading
  • There are no writing lessons or exercises
  • Can be quite monotonous to continue with their repetition of content and practices

My final words on Optilingo Review

After my intensive research, I will frankly give a medium rating to Optilingo. It is simple to use, and I personally like the concept of the platform as it would allow learners to use the learned language in their real daily lives. However, it could do quite well if it could add more features like writing and reading practices.

I would recommend Optilingo for those who are auditory learners because with the passive audio lessons, you will learn and progress a lot in your target language. If you want overall language acquisition, I would ask you to resort to better apps out there.

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