Picking an Online Language Class

What to Look for When Picking an Online Language Class Platform

Are you interested in learning a new language? If yes, then what is holding you back? Like the majority of people, you might be looking for ways to learn the language. Well, there are tons of resources available on the internet. With such excessive variety, comes the problem of quality. Yes, you thought right.

Choosing the right platform is the key decision for learn a language. As there are plenty of misleading and unnecessary platforms that waste your time and even money. But how will you choose your language learning platform?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you with pointers to recognize whether a platform is right for you or not.

First impressions

I know you might think first impressions can be deceiving. But your brain is wired to react to some outlooks that make it easier for your brain to comprehend information in a certain way. That’s why companies spend so much time on developing an app or website.

If you do not like the layout, structure, or outlook of the platform, you will be unlikely to come and study in that visual environment. So, visual impressions do matter. If you like one visually and it seems direct to navigate, look into further clues.

Session structure

Presently, the language platforms use tons of different techniques to make the language content more comprehensible for the learners. Unfortunately, there is no perfect lesson structure or curriculum. The effectiveness of a learning technique varies from person to person.

If you have recognized your pattern of studying. It could be through flashcards, audio content, live sessions or any other means, you can look for platforms that teach that way. In case you don’t know your learning style, it is better to experiment with a few of the popular techniques like flashcards, interactive learning styles and more.


Most people don’t end up learning a language even though they are purely committed to it. It is because of the lack of study time. If you are an employee of a company or a homemaker, there is always a rush of things to do. Amid these activities, learning a language becomes impossible.

So, while choosing your language platform, it is best if you consider the demographic they target or research their timings. Apps like Memrise, Busuu and others do not restrict a certain time for learners to learn. This eases off the pressure but if you are not motivated, you will stop learning.

Then there are apps like Duoliingo which have remainders for you, but these, too, can be annoying if the notifications appear in the middle of your tasks. Either way, know when and how long you want to study and whichever platform could suit those timings, choose that one.


It is a fact that money plays an important role in our activities. If you have pressure to learn a new language for a job or trip, then you should pay any amount for learning. But if you are on a tight budget, then it would be impossible to choose sites which cost you more.

Then again, there are some sites which are just not worth the money. Once you have already set your budget, you should look for a platform that fits your means.

My ending words

Truly speaking, there are tons of other advice and strategies I can give you for picking up an online language platform. But different factors depend on order to make your decision. For instance, your target language, geography, level of learning and more.

However, if you follow these mentioned ones, then you would definitely be able to shorten the list of platforms to choose from. Hopefully, you will find your language learning platform once you tick through these pointers from your checklist.

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