Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Review (2024): Worth Your Money?

Have you decided to open new opportunities for you by learning a new language? Knowing multiple languages can help you diversify your work opportunities, cultural interaction and even make you smarter.

Currently, there are many platforms that allow you to learn languages easily and with engaging teaching techniques. Pimsleur is such a language learning platform that lets you learn around 50 languages with audio and interactive content.

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But if you are wondering whether this could be your ideal platform or not, here is an article on Pimsleur review, so you can decide to take a leap of faith or not.

Pimsleur Languages

Offering about 50 languages, Pimsleur created a diverse option for users to choose their targeted language. Popular languages like Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese and other languages are plenty. Along with some dialects, you will find both popular and rare languages as well.

Some rare language courses are Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Croatian, Czech, Dari Persian, Hungarian, Greek, Haitian Creole, Punjabi, Romanian, Lithuanian and Twi.

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Pimsleur Method

The main lessons of Pimsleur are audio files. So you can guess the core program of the platform is based on audio content. With the CDs, you will find downloadable PDF files and booklets.

You can print them out and learn the lessons at anytime The method of learning is listening and speaking the content aloud.

Notes on vocabulary and other concepts are repeated throughout the lessons for better grasp. Once you enroll in a language course, within the first 5 to 6 lessons, you will be able to adapt to the simple teaching method of the platform.

Experience with using Pimsleur

Even if I haven’t tried all the language courses because of their plenty of choices, I have compiled the learning experiences of many previous users. Most of the users agree that the visuals, audio content and outlook of Pimsleur is impressive. For vocabulary, they use different relevant pictures for better understanding.

The interface of the web and app version are appealing enough. The listen and repeat method is supported well with the audio features of the platform. The developers also developed the call and response portions that allow users to not just memorize blatantly, rather learn the content through practice exercises.

You will find a dialogue box with the audio files to learn words and phrases. You can use the app on your iOS or Android device after downloading.

Pricing of Pimsleur

Firstly, Pimsleur offers a seven – day free trial for the users to try it out before subscribing. The pricing varies with the course plans. For the audio only version, you need to pay $14.95 per month. For the Premium version, you can get all the interactive exercises in multiple languages by paying $19.95 per month.

You will be required to pay separately if you purchase the CDs for practice lessons. Compared to other language apps, the price ranges from $10-$13 per month, so you can understand that Pimsleur is expensive.

Benefits of using Pimsleur

  • It is one of the best platforms for spoken language skills
  • The audio features of the platform are well developed
  • It is structured well with an appealing outlook
  • Offers a wide range of language options to learn, including ESL languages

Lackings of Pimsleur

  • As it is audio-based service, it lacks reading and writing content
  • It is comparatively expensive as it doesn’t teach writing and reading language skills
  • The digital version with interactive exercises does not cover all the languages

My final say on Pimsleur

Pimsleur is one of the best and most effective language programs for speaking and listening language acquisition. With an intensive audio-based system, the user will be able to notice progress. However, the progress will be limited to only spoken and listening skills and no acquisition of reading and writing skills.

I would recommend that you agree to pay such a price subscription if you need to move into another country with targeted language or needing quick communication skills. Or else, this platform will pierce a big hole in your budget and give you less in return.

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