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Top 12 Polish News Websites to Read in 2023

Do you remember in your childhood your parents used to wake up and look for the newspaper at the door to get the news of the nation?

Well, presently, in this modern world, we can read news from the palm of our hands on our phones. You can turn your reading of news into a vital source of improving your Polish reading skills.

Looking for a reliable Polish news website to create a reading habit? Here is the list for you!

1. Gazeta Wyborcza

Gazeta Wyborcza is one of the leading daily newspapers in Poland with their thousands of daily readers. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the online website of the newspaper contains the latest updates on politics, healthcare, entertainment and more. Due to their variety of topics, they are appealing to the public.

2. Super Express

Super Express is a news tabloid. It was founded in 1991, in Warsaw, Poland. It is owned and operated by MediaExpress. They cover local events and news along with blog articles on different topics.

3. Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita is one of the major daily newspapers in Polish which is circulated worldwide. Even if it follows a compact format for newspapers, you will find full articles on their official news website.

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4. Fakt

Fakt is one of the most widely circulated Polish newspapers. The newspaper is owned by a German publishing company called Axel Springer AG. The online website offers local and international news to the public from genuine sources.

5. Gazeta Krakowska

Gazeta Krakowska is a regional daily broadsheet format newspaper. It is based in Kraków, Poland. It is one of the largest regional newspapers and is published 5 times a week. Their online website features writings on sports, economy, culture and more.

6. Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu translates to Business Pulse. This Polish daily newspaper’s articles are available on their online website, which focuses on presenting economic and business issues. It is operated by Bonnier Business (Polska) company.

7. Przegląd Sportowy

Przegląd Sportowy is one of the oldest newspapers in Poland about sports. Their official site covers sports news on different sports, like basketball, tennis, soccer, golf and many more.

8. Nasz Dziennik

Nasz Dziennik is a Roman Catholic daily newspaper. The name of the newspaper translates to “Our Daily”. It is published 6 times weekly in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 1998, presently, their online website is popular for searching for different news articles.

9. Życie Warszawy

Founded in 1944, Życie Warszawy is one of the semi-official newspapers in Warsaw, Poland It is an initiative by the Polish Workers’ Party. For the latest updates on sports, entertainment, and many other topics. However, the website contains only local news updates.

10. Nowy Dziennik

Founded in 1971, Nowy Dziennik is one of the Polish newspapers published in New York, United States. It is based in New Jersey, but their online website contains all the latest news updates every day.

11. Salon24

Launched in 2006, Salon24 is one of the newest websites that contains Polish news and blogs. The articles are written by renowned journalists and news editors. For news along with insightful analysis, their website is a reliable source.

12. Newsweek polska

Published since 2001, Newsweek Polska is a Polish language weekly news magazine. It is published and circulated all around Poland. On their website, along with articles on breaking news and current events, you will find many articles on healthcare, reports, sports editions and more.

While going through the news from the Polish news websites, try to read it out loud. It will not only help you improve your reading skills but also help you to develop speaking skills with pronunciation and accurate sentence structure.

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