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Top 12 Portuguese News Websites to Read in 2023

The human brain’s prime characteristic is to connect different brain cells and the stronger your connections are, the faster your brain can remember information. For this reason, people are advised to read and read.

To sharpen your language skills, you too need to read. Searching for an authentic source? Reading Portuguese news websites is one of the best ways to do so.

To help you with finding the top ones for free, here is the list of the best Portuguese news websites.

1. Jornal de Notícias

Jornal de Notícias is one of the oldest Portuguese newspapers. Their online website is read by millions of people regularly. Established in 1888 in Portugal, the news from this newspaper is considered one of the most reliable sources of information and news by the public.

2. Público

Público is a daily national newspaper which was established in 1990. Currently, the online version and printed version are owned by the Sonae group. The appealing news of the newspapers and online websites appeals to thousands of readers all across Portugal.

3. Diário de Notícias

Owned by the Global Media Group, Diário de Notícias is a daily newspaper. It is based in Lisbon, Portugal. You can read the Portuguese e-newspaper on their official website. The first edition was published in 1864 and till to this day, the company provides genuine news.

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4. Noticias ao Minuto

Noticias ao Minuto is a daily newspaper in Portugal. For the hottest updates on sports, entertainment, national and international news, this website appeals to thousands of readers regularly. Their attractive website is designed for readers’ comfort to read news from different sections.

5. Correio da Manhã

Correio da Manhã is a Portuguese daily newspaper from Portugal. Founded in 1979 in Portugal, it is the most circulated daily newspaper. The online website contains all the news of the published newspaper, and it is published in tabloid format.

6. Observador 

Observador is an online newspaper which was first published in 2014. The news covered by the website is political oriented, so you can get to know about the political agendas, reviews and events in Portugal. 

7. Sábado

Sábado is one of the first modern news magazines in Portugal. The online website features news of the country, and it is a weekly news magazine, so you can catch up with the politics, culture, sports of the entire week at once.

8. PT Jornal

PT Jornal is one of the oldest daily national newspapers in Portugal. Since colonial rule, the newspaper has been popular to deliver national news on sports, entertainment, business.

9. Expresso 

Expresso is a Lisbon based weekly newspaper. It is owned by Group Impresa. Published since 1973, they publish national and international news on a weekly basis. They publish their magazine with special editions as well.

10. Diário As Beiras

Diário As Beiras is a daily newspaper based in Coimbra, Portugal. They publish news on different topics like sports, politics, finance, and more. You will find both national and international breaking news in the online edition.

11. Impresa

Impresa is under the ownership of SIC TV channel. It is one of the major media conglomerates in Portugal. They started publishing digitally with their business segment and the public can read articles with analysis.

12. Jornal SOL

Jornal SOL is a weekly national newspaper in Lisbon, Portugal. Founded by José António Saraiva, in 2006, they cover stories of the local news and current events. Competing head to head with Expresso, they aim to provide the breaking news quickly.

To develop the human brain, it needs knowledge. For you to improve your Portuguese, you can turn reading Portuguese news websites into a habit of yours and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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