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Preply Review (2024): Speak New Language with Confident!

Preply is a language learning platform that connects language learners with private tutors for one- to – one lesson. Most people are not self – learners when it comes to something as vast as a language.

Preply is a platform that aims to provide structured classes with private tutors to ensure that, from beginners to advanced learners, language learning can be made accessible.

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Before my recommendation on Preply, read the following article on Preply review to see for yourself. At the end, you will find my final words on Preply to help you decide if you will choose Preply or not.

Preply offered languages

Preply offers a total of 27 languages. Over 50,000 language tutors are available for the classes from 185 countries. Some popular languages in Preply are English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and more. Although Vietnamese is not listed, there are tutors available.

Preply method

First, after creating an account, you need to find a tutor from Preply’s over 49,000 tutors. By using filters or search bars, you can do so easily. Next, you will need to select the time. As the tutors are from around the world, you can schedule with the one that matches your timetable.

You can use Zoom or enter a virtual classroom on Preply’s platform. The programs are structured, and you can practice conversational skills. You can keep track of your progress and share your queries with your tutor to work on it.

Getting started

When it comes to their website, there is not much to talk about. It is simple, and you can easily find your tutor easily with the search bar and filter options. The layout is not filled with engaging content to draw your attention, rather puts you in the plan of action easily.

In case of queries, you can ask their customer service, and they are quite responsive. I think as the lessons are held via Zoom, there is no development required for the development. I did not find any complex features or navigating disturbances. So with Preply you can start right away.

Preply Pricing

Preply works with one – on – one meeting after you schedule your suitable time. The lessons are usually 30 or 60 minutes in duration, and it costs from $4 to $40 for a lesson. According to the tutor’s availability, the rate differs.

Positives of Preply

  • It is a great platform with high quality tutors
  • Several discounts are available on larger packages
  • The customer service is supportive and immediately responds
  • The lessons are easy to schedule according to users flexibility

Negatives of Preply

  • Less flexibility with lesson packages
  • The placement tests are lengthy and quite annoying

Final words on Preply review

As far as I have tested out Preply, it is truly an excellent tool. If you want to learn a language in order to speak like a native speaker, then Preply is a platform for it. You can schedule according to your needs and track progress.

I highly recommend it for people who want to speak like a native speaker in no time and even for beginners who need extra care to navigate through their target language. It would be better if you found a language tutor and prep with Preply.

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