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Readlang Review (2024): Learn Language by Reading Whatever You Like!

Readlang is a platform where you can learn words and phrases in your target language simply by translation and flashcards. You can focus on learning a lot of words.

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Readlang languages

Readlang offers an impressive number of over 50 languages. Whether you want popular languages like Arabic, French or you want rare ones like Croatian or old Chinese. Although some languages are still in the beta version, they update and often develop, so there is room for improvement.

How to learn with Readlang?

Readlang allows you to have immediate translations from a foreign language test. You can click an unknown word, and you can learn the meaning by setting your native language. For instance, if I set my native language as English, then when I am learning Arabic, I can simply paste the word or phrase on the box and see the translation in English to know the meaning.

Instead of using Google Translate, this platform ensures better and authentic translations. You can add the words or phrases you want to learn to your flashcard pile to come back again to learn.

Comfort of using Readlang?

When it comes to Readlang’s user experience, I am quite satisfied. It does not have too many directions or graphics on the landing page, so you can get right to your translation. You can use a website which is well-designed and well-developed.

Or you can use the Readlang extension, which does the work in the same way. While using the web version, you can put your words in the word-basket to memorize later. The web version and extension, both work on android and iOS devices.


Readlang is one of the free version platforms that truly amazes me. The free version does not annoy you with constant ads, and you can access tons of flashcards every day. You have unlimited translations and 10 phrase translations per day. All this with $0.

Now, for the Premium version, you will have unlimited Flashcards, Word Translations, and Phrase Translations. All this you can get at $5 per month.

Positives of Readlang

  • There are options to export words and use flashcard options
  • You can import book-length texts to read
  • Price is reasonable
  • To remember vocabulary well, spaced repetition algorithm has been developed

Lackings of Readlang

  • For advanced students, there are limited word review options

My Verdict on Readlang

Indeed, Readlang is an impressive platform which allows users to access native content. The browser extension is easy to use, and you can learn a lot with its spaced repetition algorithm. However, it has its drawbacks.

My final verdict on Readlang is that it is a wonderful and well-designed platform to learn languages and improve your language skills. You can read a lot of native content and the spaced repetition algorithm fascinated me the most as it ensures that you learn the words not just plainly memorize and forget.

To top it all, it is FREE to use. If you want to read any book or site in your target language, I would suggest you to resort to Readlang to check it out and learn more and more!

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