Rocket Languages Review

Rocket Languages Review (2024): Join with Over 2 Million Members!

If you search for language learning platforms, you will stumble upon tons of options. But how will you know about the platform to test it or not?

Read this Rocket Languages Review

I will provide a complete article on Rocket Languages review so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

Languages Offered

Besides the original set language, English, Rocket Languages allows you to learn 12 languages. It includes Arabic (Egyptian), Chinese, Russian, and Spanish (Latin American), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and even American Sign Language (ASL).

Approach of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages created the program for new learners so that the users can become proficient in a language. Most of the content is primarily audio and culture lessons. There are flashcards and pronunciation practice.

Now to point out the impressive features. It has a progress tracker, a community forum for constant learning. The lessons are engaging and of good quality. The modules are designed at a pace for all learners to catch up. The trial version contains most of the content.

Overall Rocket language Experience

In my opinion, the overall learning experience was good with Rocket language. It can be used both on the web and in apps. Although the app has some additional features, like practice activities and some repetitive exercise. I liked it, but those who do not enjoy repetitive exercise can use the web version.

Rocket Languages Cost

There are several price ranges for Rocket Languages. Different course options have different pricing and even vary based on the number of levels. The range $99.95 to $449.85. For common languages like French, it costs $149.95 for one level, $299.90 for two levels, and $449.85 for all three levels. The good thing is that you can pay in installments.

Pros of Rocket Languages

  • You can learn 12 languages
  • You will find blends audio instruction with interactive exercises
  • All the materials are downloadable
  • For lifetime access, only a one-time fee

Cons of Rocket Languages

  • Some practice exercises are clunky
  • Lacks a structured program for acing non-Roman scripts

My Verdict

There is no doubt that Rocket Languages offers a lot of benefits for language learners. Along with engaging and informative content, the practices are plenty, and you can stay focused.

When compared with competitors, it does have some drawbacks along with its great features. In all, I will say Rocket Languages is an excellent platform that is worth a shot. I personally find ASL promising.

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