Romanian Tongue Twisters

10 Romanian Tongue Twisters for Daily Practice (2024)

Exercises of muscles, or phonetic exercises, are recommended for learners, especially those who desire to have a good Romanian accent.

Tongue twisters are one of the finest workouts for this. Tongue twisters are an excellent way to put your tongue’s muscle memory to the test while learning new words and improving your pronunciation.

Here is the list of the top Romanian tongue twisters to try out:

1. De gospodarit ma gospodaresc, dar de desgospodarit nu ma pot desgospodari pentru ca desgospodarirea este paguboasa.

2. Eu pup poala popii, popa pupa poala mea.

3. Piatra crapah capra, capra crapah piatra

4. Ciritei de tei pe mirişte de mei.

5. Prin Vulturi vhantul viu vuia

6. Oaia aia e a ei, eu i-o iau.

7. Pe cap un capac, pe capac un ac.

8. O babă bălană mănâncă o banană babană.

9. Doisprezece cocostârci pe casa lui Kogălniceanu.

10. Sase sute saizeci si sase de sasi in sase sute saizeci si sase de saci.

In conclusion, multilingualism may be beneficial and enjoyable, but it can also be difficult. It’s a wonderful thing to be challenged since it leads to progress.

When meeting new people, tongue twisters are a wonderful party trick. It’s an excellent way to improve your pronunciation. When reading a tongue twister, you must focus on the distinct sounds.

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