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Top 20 Spanish News Websites to Read in 2023

Perks of reading Spanish news? Well, the list is too long. For starters, you can stay updated with the trends of Spanish countries. You can pick up keywords and your brain will improve your understanding of the sentence structure and meanings in Spanish.

Truly, once you start reading Spanish news, you will be surprised how fun and easier it gets to improve your language skills.

To help you get started, here is the list of the top Spanish news websites.


El Pas is a Madrid – based online news website that covers breaking news in Spanish. Their website also contains an English version for global readers. Their articles feature reviews, opinion, business, special features and more.

2. ABC

ABC is a national daily newspaper. It is the second largest general-interest newspaper in Spain. It is also the oldest newspaper in Madrid and currently, their news is available on their official website where the public can read all kinds of national news in Spanish. 

3. Agencia EFE

Agencia EFE is a news website that features breaking news and features articles covering local topics in both Spanish and English. Their presented news is reliable and easy to read, which is ideal for beginner Spanish learners.

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4. El Mundo

El Mundo means ‘The World’ in Spanish. This online news website brings national and international news to the public. It is also the second-largest printed daily newspaper in Spain. Founded in 1989, this newspaper has been recorded as one of the most read newspapers.

5. La Razón

La Razón is a daily newspaper and is the 6th highest circulated dailies in Spain Based in Madrid, Spain, the name of the newspaper translates to ‘The Reason’ which is why they are credible source to provide real and essential news to the public. Their covered stories let the public know the reasons and events of any happenings in Spain.

6. El Correo

El Correo is a leading daily newspaper in northern Spain. It is also one of the best-selling general interest newspapers in Spain. Since 1937, they have published news of Spain and currently their online version contains all the updated news of Spain and the world.

7. La Nueva España

Published in tabloid format, La Nueva España is a daily newspaper in Spain. The paper has proven to have an independent political stance, which makes it more appealing to the public to rely on their news. They cover stories and events from all around Spain. Their website is updated very often to not miss any update.

8. El Dario Vasco

Based in San Sebastián, Basque Country, El Diario Vasco is a Spanish morning daily newspaper. The articles published on their official website and their printed versions are written by conservative writers. Some notable journalist writers of the paper are Ramiro de Maeztu and Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena.

9. Faro de Vigo

Faro de Vigo is the oldest Spanish newspaper which is circulated throughout Spain. This daily newspaper is headquartered in Galicia, Spain. News on different topics including sports, entertainment, politics, and current affairs can be found in different segments on their website.

10. Las Provincias

Published in Valencia, Spain, Las Provincias is a Spanish language regional newspaper. It was founded in 1886, and currently has six local editions available in different regions of Spain. Their website contains similar content to breaking news and articles on local news.

11. Cinco Días

Cinco Días is one of the leading business newspapers in Spain. Published in 1978, it is also the oldest business newspaper in the country. They cover burning issues of the business world and have a separate section on financial news of Spain on their website.

12. El Economista

El Economista is a daily newspaper in Spanish that features all news related to the finance, economy and business affairs of Spain and the world. It was founded in Madrid, Spain in 2006. Through their website, people can read different takes on the economic aspects along with financial blog articles.

13. Público

Público is an online newspaper which is focused on bringing authentic news to the public. Their printed newspaper version was published from 2007 to 2012. Currently, their online website is more active with the latest updates and breaking news about Spain.

14. El Confidencial

El Confidencial is a general-information digital newspaper. It is headquartered in Spain. Their articles focus on economic, financial and political news in Spanish. Because it has a liberal political orientation, people find it a reliable source to read news from.

15. Expansión

Expansión is one of the most popular Spanish economic newspapers in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1986 and was published in the tabloid format. Presently, their news website is constantly updated with the featured news on the economy and business of Spain. 

16. Europa Press

Europa Press is a Spanish news agency. They have over 3000 articles published daily in print and on their website. Since 1953, they have provided news on current issues with concrete sources.

17. 20minutos

To catch up with the news of Spain, 20minutos is one of the best online news sources to try out. They offer news in bullet points along with longer articles. It has gained popularity and their online newspaper contains various articles in Spanish for people to read easily on a variety of topics, including politics, entertainment and sports.

18. HuffPost ES

HuffPost was formerly known as The Huffington Post until 2017. Their online site offers news, blogs, reports, satire and local news. There is a localized version and an international edition for the public to choose and read.

19. La República

La República is a newspaper in Lima, Peru. It was founded in 1981 and became one of the main daily newspapers. Their website consists of both local and some international news on breaking news, current affairs, politics, and more.

20. El Salto

El Salto is a Spanish newspaper that has both online and offline formats. There are 7 different versions depending on the Spanish region. Their online version features news of local and international issues. National news on politics, sports, entertainment and more can also be found online.

Learning a new language requires constant effort and immersing yourself in the language. You cannot learn to form sentences by memorizing grammar. To improve your reading and other language skills, you need to opt for a reliable resource. The above listed Spanish news websites will surely help you improve your Spanish language skills. So don’t wait and stay updated!

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