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Speaky Review (2024): Learn to Speak with The Native!

Social language learning apps are very popular nowadays. One of them is Speaky where interested people come together in a social community to do language exchange.

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Although Speaky is free to use, should you use your time on this platform to learn a language? Let’s find out through this article on Speaky review.

Languages at Speaky

Speaky offers over 100 languages, including languages like Arabic, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and more.

Getting Started with Speaky

After opening an account in a similar way, like an email or Facebook account, you can sign up for Speaky. Based on your selected language and other information, you will be able to connect with people in the community.

In the community, you can chat with people similar to you and chat to know more about your target language and the culture. However, you need to maintain the policies of the platform that you can find on the website.

Usability of Speaky

Speaky is available on the web, Android and iOS. Personally, I would say it is not developed well enough as a social language platform. Even the web version is not comfortable to use. You can share pictures, chat, make voice calls and leave voice messages.

But I did not find the interface impressive enough to remain engaged with the platform. Through the subscription plan, you can access more than 5 translations in a day. However, this feature does not seem like a wow factor to me.


One of the key features of Speaky is that it is free to use. The premium membership is available for a 1-month subscription of $5.99 per month or a yearly subscription of $3.91 per month.

Liking factors of Speaky

  • It is absolutely free
  • You will find a lot of users
  • There are tons of languages available
  • Features for chatting are available

Disliking factors of Speaky

  • The web version is sloppy and doesn’t work well
  • No additional social features available
  • Many of the community members don’t seem to be interested in language exchange
  • The app version is filled with bugs

Final Thoughts on Speaky

To me, Speaky is a lot like any other social language app out there. You can interact with people around the world, and it is accessible to learn content in your target language. As long as you are using this platform in a managed manner, and you are simultaneously learning your target language elsewhere, you can definitely take advantage of using Speaky.

However, as a key platform to learn a language, it is not possible with Speaky. The awful user experience kills the motivation to carry on, and I do not think most of the community people added are genuinely here to learn as they seem disinterested. I would prefer to look for more helpful platforms for your language learning.

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