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Speechling Review (2022): Take Your Speaking to the Next Level

To choose or not to choose, that is the question. Well, among the tons of language learning and improvement platforms, it is nearly impossible to try all and check which is for you.

Read this Speechling Review

So here I am with a complete article on Speechling review to help you with choosing.

Languages in Speechling:

The languages available in Speechling are Portuguese, Korean, American English, Castilian Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, British English, French, Latin American Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Method at Speechling

Speechling follows the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) Method. Here you will learn to speak in a language by mimicking and then the platform helps you by providing feedback from native speakers. From pronunciation to sentence framing, the platform helps you to attain proficiency at speaking in your target language.

The interaction is almost like real life interaction, so you can learn how to speak fluently. Many linguists and language teachers think that, unlike traditional methods, this method allows the students to speak more effectively.

Usability of Speechling

You can simply sign up for Speechling. After that, you can select your target language and start your learning. Speechling provides the option of learning multiple languages at the same time by simply switching while learning.

For the speakers, you can pick the gender you prefer and repeat tonal languages. The speakers are native speakers, so you can mimic and talk just like them.

Cost of Speechling

Speechling offers the choice of two versions. Forever Free version allows you to listen to and mimic native speakers with thousands of pre-prepared sentences. The Unlimited Plan version for $19.00 per month. This plan includes a large variety of additional benefits, along with feedback from a native speaker relating to your pronunciation.

Speechling Pros

  • The lessons are only based on speaking
  • You can use both desktop and app version

Speechling Cons

  • Not a good option for beginners
  • There is no real conversation practice
  • No writing or reading lessons
  • Lacks grammar explanations

Final thoughts on Speechling

Speaking is indeed one of the vital aspects of learning a language. For you to have confidence and talk in your target language is one of the key goals of Speechling.

So I would recommend you to use Speechling if you already know the language. It is not recommended if you want to learn a language from scratch.

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