Tongue Twisters with B

7 Tongue Twisters with B in 2024

Tongue twisters are an enjoyable way to improve fluency. If you already know the benefits of tongue twisters.

Then try to memorize as many as you can to sharpen your brain. This list of the tongue twisters with b can help you start with:

1. Bake big batches of bitter brown bread. 

2. Big black bugs bleed blue black blood but baby black bugs bleed blue blood. 

3. Busy buzzing bumblebees. 

4. Birdie birdie in the sky laid a trudie in my eye. 

5. Buckets of bug blood, buckets of bug blood, buckets of bug blood. 

6. Black background, brown background, blue background. 

The famous tongue twister with B that you have got to master! 

7. Betty Botter had some butter,
“But,” she said, “this butter’s bitter.
If I bake this bitter butter,
it would make my batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter–
that would make my batter better.”
So she bought a bit of butter,
better than her bitter butter,
and she baked it in her batter,
and the batter was not bitter.
So ’twas better Betty Botter
bought a bit of better butter.

You do not have to search for tongue twisters with B, as I have compiled a list of the tongue twisters for you. Now, enjoy practicing them until you get fluent at it. 

If you are completely done with improving your pronunciation with B, then try out A focused tongue twisters.

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