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Top 10 Turkish News Websites to Read in 2023

Are you searching for some reliable and free of cost resources to polish your language skills in Turkish? You don’t have to wonder more. Here I am presenting a list of the top-rated and most reliable Turkish news websites.

The listed sites are read by thousands of readers daily, both by native Turkish people and by international viewers.

Based on readability and sophistication of language, here is the list of Turkish news websites for you to start reading.

1. CNN Turk

CNN Turk is an all-rounder news website. They cover all the stories about any kind of developments in Turkey and the world. Starting from sports, economy and sports to breaking news and current events, they provide news for all kinds of audience about everything in life.

2. Star

Star is an online news website that is noted among the ones to provide the latest news developments. Besides covering news headlines about Turkey’s economy, weather and more, they also have a separate magazine with fascinating stories for all.

3. Bursada Bugn

Based in Bursa, Turkey, Bursada Bugün is the most-followed Internet newspaper in Turkey. They present reports and articles on public safety, education, current affairs, economy and special news.

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4. Acunn

Acunn is an online magazine and news website for know all about entertainment in Turkey. They update different entertaining events and emphasize Turkish culture.

5. Sabah

Sabah is based in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a reliable news website that records as the fastest breaking news portal. They convey unbiased news, which makes them a dependable news website to keep tabs on different aspects of Turkey.

6. Haber7

Haber7 is an online news website that covers newspaper headlines and columnists along with the latest news updates. In Turkish, they present news from Turkey and all around the world. Be it sports, politics or the economy, they guarantee the trending news at any time of the day.

7. Ahval

Ahval is a unique, independent and free source of news in Turkey. The main goal of the site is to connect the readers with well-informed and well edited opinion and analysis along with news. Readers can leave comments and their own analysis on the site as well.

8. SonDakika

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, SonDakika is an online news website that is top-rated for its impartial news representation. Without any political biases or agendas, they offer news of Turkey in Turkish from credible sources and details.

9. NationalTurk

NationalTurk is a go-to news website for learning breaking news about Turkey and the world. They offer the latest updates on politics, life, health news, breaking news and developments along with interesting headlines.

10. Haberturk

For the fastest news on flash developments and breaking news in Turkey, Haberturk is a promising online news website. It is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Along with different articles on the fastest last-minute and current agenda, they also provide news on sports, magazines and economic issues in Turkish.

Learning the Turkish language is not a development of a day or two. You need to immerse yourself in the culture and informal style of Turkish – speaking countries. For it, reading news online is a highly recommended option by language researchers. So start investing your time in reading news from the listed Turkish news websites.

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