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uTalk Review (2024): Learn New Language Faster!

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uTalk is a great option is you want to learn a new language while playing small games.


Some language learning platforms are suitable for adults, some for beginners and so on. How do you know if a platform is for you? By judging it right.

Let me help you with a complete article on uTalk review so that you judge this platform as the best language learning platform for you or not.

uTalk languages to learn

When it comes to providing tons of language options, surely uTalk will be a win. There are over 140 languages available on the platform. You will find dialects as well. There are 3 types of Arabic found.

If you want to learn Chinese, there are options for Mandarin, Dutch and so on. You can visit the website and surf through all the languages and I can bet you will even learn the less common languages.

Learning method of uTalk

For those who are learning a language at the primary level and want to learn as much content to create sentences, uTalk is a great place to do so. Although it does not have beginner level language lessons, it has tons of vocabulary and pronunciation practices.

Fill in the gaps, memorizing phrases, and improving vocabulary are the main targets of the platform. There are no in-depth language instructions or grammar explanations. The contents get difficult at the last stages. But the quality of the contents does not decline.

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User experience

uTalk is an app that is available for both Android and iOS on the web. Luckily, the platform includes an “offline mode” in the app version. As they follow visual teaching methods, the platform contains vivid images, a variety of games to teach new vocabulary and more. The platform developed an in-app currency called uCoins.

You can earn the coins by completing lessons and this motivates learners to enjoy constant studying. Using uCoins, you can unlock features and languages. Personally, I loved these features of the platform because it makes the learning experience more exciting.

uTalk Cost

The pricing at uTalk varies depending on the language you select. The standard price for common languages like Arabic, French, German, Spanish and other languages is $2.99 per month on a monthly basis. You can cancel it at any time. For a year – long subscription, it is $1.67 per month, and it is $1.00 monthly for a two-year subscription.

uTalk ‘s Positives

  • The audio on the platform is by authentic native speakers
  • Tons of language options available
  • Hundreds of potential language combinations possible
  • Comparatively inexpensive

uTalk’s Negatives

  • User interface is sloppy
  • The games on the platform are mediocre
  • Teaching a broad approach to some languages is not tailored well

Final Thoughts

uTalk is impressive with its wide range of language options. To me, it seemed more like a flashcard app with a twist. I liked that the recordings are of both male and female native speakers and surely uTalk did great with some unique games on the platform.

However, I think with uTalk you will not be able to fully learn a language. The main method of learning is through learning phrases with pictures and audio. Sure, you can learn a lot of phrases and vocabulary, but complete language comprehension is not possible. Unless you already know the language and use this platform to improve, I will not recommend it to learn a new language.

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