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Top 10 Vietnamese News Websites to Read in 2023

You know one of the perks of reading newspapers? You always have something interesting to add to any conversation. Everyone likes a well-informed person.

Although there are many other benefits to reading newspapers, enhancing your language skills in Vietnamese is one of the best ones.

To help you find the top Vietnamese news websites to read from, here is the list below: 

1. Knh14

Kênh14 is the leading entertainment news website and channel in Vietnam. A variety of trendy topics are read widely by young people. They cover the fastest news on fashion, celebrities, social movements, movies and more.

2. Soha

Soha is a holistic news website in Vietnam. It features the latest updated news on a range of topics like sports, military, health, netizens, discoveries and many more. They have a separate section on digital life on their website.

3. Nguoi lao Dong

Nguoi lao Dong is one of the 24/7 news networks in Vietnam. It is originally a newspaper, but their website always contains the hottest and latest domestic and international news. Starting from the economy to education, they cover a range of news for the public.

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4. Báo Dân Việt

Báo Dân Việt is a Hanoi, Vietnam based newspaper. To read the newspaper online, you can visit their website that contains all the breaking news in Vietnam, which is continuously updated throughout the day.

5. Nguoi-Viet Daily

Nguoi-Viet Daily is the oldest newspaper in Vietnamese which is based overseas. Headquartered in California, US, their official website presents the fastest and most accurate news in Vietnamese. 

6. Báo Pháp Luật

Báo Pháp Luật is a popular news website as it specializes in presenting the latest and hottest information on current affairs in Vietnam. Be it society or changed laws, they present authentic news related to the situation in Vietnam.

7. VnExpress

For accurate and fast access to any events and happenings in Vietnam, you can visit the news website called VnExpress. They update the website hourly, so you can keep tab on current affairs, business, and the latest events anywhere in Vietnam.

8. Vietq

Vietq is a reliable online news website in Vietnam. With their motto of protecting the interests of consumers to improving their quality of life, they offer the latest news on business, quality, consumption, exchange rates, goods and services.

9. Lao Dong Online

Lao Dong Online is a digital space for all kinds of news in Vietnamese. You can find news on the politics, economy, society, trade and other aspects of Vietnam. Through their constant updates, you can get access to the latest news 24 hours of the day.

10. Vietnamnet

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Vietnamnet is a reliable news source. They cover a diverse range of topics, including world news and current affairs. You won’t miss any updates of the state if you go through their website at least once a day.

If you are keen to hone your language skills in Vietnamese, reading news from the Vietnamese news websites will help you immensely. Stay updated as well as improve your reading skills through going through the listed newspapers whenever you get the chance.

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