Ways to Say HI

20 Other Ways to Say HI (2024 Collection)

The best way to meet is to start with a greeting. And the most accurate way is by saying a simple ‘Hi!”. However, it might get a bit boring to start a conversation with a hi.

So, to make you sound more interesting, I have written other ways to say hi to anyone. Enjoy reading through them! 

1. Hello 

2. How are things?

3. How’s your day (going)?

4. Long time no see! 

5. Look who it is!

6.  Hey! There she/he is!

7. Good (Great) to see you! 

8. Morning!/ Afternoon!/ Evening!

9. What’s up?

10. Pleased to meet you. 

11. Hey there!

12. Hey dude!

13. What are you up to these days?

14. How are you holding up?

15. Everything OK?

16. It’s been a while!

17. It’s nice to see you again!

18. Good to see you!

19. Good morning/ afternoon/ night 

20. Hey, how you doin? 

Hopefully, these different ways to say hi to others can help you smoothly greet everyone. Your little enthusiasm will go a long way. SO, next time you meet a known person or stranger, greet them with any of the mentioned ways and observe them getting more engaged to strike conversations with you.

What about greeting your friends in different way?

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