20 Other Ways to Say IN MY OPINION (2023 Collection)

Have you ever come across a conversation where you need to voice your opinion? You certainly have! When you find yourself in such situations, you need to be diplomatic and smart.

To spear any further argument or hurt another, it is best to be eloquent before stating your opinion. To help you with handling any situation, below are some ways to say in my opinion. 

1. To my mind…

2.  As I see it

3. I think

4. As a matter of fact

5. I believe

6. It seems to me

7. In my personal opinion

8. From my point of view

9. In my perspective 

10. One can postulate

11. If you ask me

12. I would like to enlighten that 

13. If you want my opinion

14. According to me

15. What I say is,

16. In my estimation 

17. If someone asks you for your opinion

18. As what my guts force me to tell

19. I have observed

20. In my experience

It is a great attribute to put forward your opinion. This can help you simplify your life, and others will acknowledge you as a strong person who is not ignorant or scared to establish their opinion. Once you start using these different ways to say in my opinion in your daily life, you will improve your social skills tremendously.

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