20 Other Ways to Say REST IN PEACE (2024 Collection)

Humans are mortal beings. Soon or later, everyone has to get the taste of death. However, the ones left behind are the ones who need consultation and kind words to move on in life.

Whether a loved one or a stranger, wishing them to rest in peace is a humane way to show mourning and consultation.  To offer your genuine consolation, you can use the different ways to say rest in peace! 

1. May your soul finally find the rest it so deserves. 

2. We will meet again, my friend. 

3. See you in the stars. 

4. Don’t worry, it’s hard to forget someone like you. 

5. To call you friend was a true blessing, but if you love someone, you have to be willing to let them go. 

6. I’ll watch over this realm, you look after the rest.

7. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. 

8. May you rest eternally in sweet slumber. 

9. You were loved by all and will be missed by many. 

10. The sorrow we share as a family is enormous, but our love of your life is even greater. 

11. You live on in my heart my love. 

12. In love, there are no goodbyes. Wherever you are, I will find you.

13. You were an angel on earth, and now you can be with the other angels watching over me.

14. Just like that my other half is gone, but you left me with a gift to keep me sane. 

15. Thank you for everything you’ve done, now it’s time to finally take a break. 

16. God bless your kind soul for all your good deeds. 

17.  I’m just glad I was privileged enough to meet you. 

18. Even though we have never met, your reputation precedes you and you will have my eternal respect. 

19. The impact you made in your lifetime is something that cannot be overlooked. Thank you for inspiring me. 

20. May you rest easy in grace and love.

A few of your kind and genuine words of wishing the people who passed away a peaceful hereafter is an act of kindness. No matter how painful it is, the grief needs time and affection to pass by. I hope these different ways to say rest in peace can assist you to show well-wishing to the departed soul.

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