Yabla Review

Yabla Review (2024): Learn Language by Playing Games!

Yabla is an online language learning platform. The language content is presented through videos from native speakers. The beginner lessons consist of grammar breakdowns, cultural topics, and pronunciation.

The platform has beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons so that any kind of learner can develop their language skills from listening and understanding. To know more about Yabla, read this article on Yabla review and decide if it’s suitable for you. 

Available languages

Yabla offers 6 languages in total. They are German, Chinese, French, English, Italian and Spanish. You can set your default language in any of the listed 6 languages and then choose other offered languages. 

Learning Method

Yabla offers more than 1400 videos on different topics. Once you sign up, it is quite easy to open an account. The videos contain suggestive materials and strong language and it allows the learners to learn the language effectively. There are four sections of the lessons including the videos, flashcards and lessons. You can choose the videos based on beginner, intermediate and advanced level. There are several categories in the videos including history, news, drama and more. There are about 26 subjects to choose from. So, the learners would enjoy and find interest to learn the language. 

User Experience

For the trial version, you do not have to pay and if you do not like it, you can simply cancel your subscription. There is no child’s mode in the app. You might need to check on navigating through the platform. The website is simple and there are track sheets for keeping account of the learning process. In the Dashboard, there is a notification bar which reminds of new lessons and videos. The video player is simple to click and play. There is also a feature of slowing down or making fast. Subtitles are also available. 

Costings of Yabla

Yabla offers a membership option that costs $12.95 monthly or $99.95 yearly. Once you buy a membership, you can only get access to one language. Yabla offers a 15-day free trial so before you commit, you can try their free trial version. 


  • As all the content is from native speakers, the learners can learn properly 
  • There are several practice exercise after each video to ensure you are learning 
  • Tons of different types of video available on different topics
  • Learning content available for different levels 


  • The course is not well structured 
  • Many features are not available on the app version
  • No scope for speaking practice 


Yabla is quite good, and it has its great features. But there are several alternatives to this platform. The vast collection of videos from native speakers allows the learners to properly learn a new language. The immersion experience with creative ways enhances the program. Strictly speaking, Yabla has its drawbacks with no speaking practice but the practice section and game-like features allows the learners to learn a language effectively. 

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